Successful Trading with Amar Khanna

Successful Trading with Amar Khanna

Trader & Investor | Portfolio Advisor | Stock Market Analyst

About Amar Khanna

Amar Khanna, a professional funds and portfolio advisor, through his trading community and disciplined approach helps you invest your assets and manage long-term risk to reap maximum profit. He has sifted through sheaves of trading jargon to design courses where you learn basics about the stock market, price action trading, chart analysis, and more. These theoretical concepts are married to real-time application and supported by portfolio management, risk management tools, and a planned investment method to help you stay invested in the market and make profitable returns.

Amar Khanna has been managing funds and portfolios for three years besides five years of experience in investing and trading. His learning curve which included lots of trial and error began in college but in 2 years’ time he became a profitable trader. Long-term investor, swing trading, weekly trading options - Amar has explored all these and wants to share his personal experience with a trading community to help everyone grow. His loyal following on social media is a testament to his success in sharing his expertise with others.

  • Amar is a professional funds and portfolio advisor
  • 5+ years of experience in investing and trading
  • 3+ years of experience in managing funds and portfolios 
  • His active association with Angel Broking, Dhan Brokerage, IIFL Securities, and Assetplus has diversified his expertise.
  • Instagram and YouTube creator on trade, stocks, and chart analysis with a following of 4000+

Trader & Investor | Portfolio Advisor | Stock Market Analyst

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We play to our Strengths!Wanna know How?
From an angry trader to a successful one, Amar Khanna's motto is: when life gives you lemons, make lemonade and enjoy it. Mentoring programs and courses offered by Amar will equip you with the skills you need to succeed in the market, overcome its volatility, and maximize profits. You will be mentored and trained in the basics of stock trading, financial analysis of companies, portfolio management, and other closely related areas to become a successful trader.

Years of experience

5+ years of experience in the stock market

Active support & monitoring

Get all the doubts cleared and support

Create diversified, long-term portfolio

Learn to pick stocks based on their performance, risk-taking capacity & individual goals

Expertise in decoding theories & their application

Learn the basic and base your trading on informed decisions


Traders & Investors trained
Hours of training given
Years of experience